Bouncy Dome Hire Liverpool

Bouncy Domes add so much fun to an array of special events!

These inflatable play places are just for kids and they allow children to burn off energy and use their imaginations within safe and pleasant environments.

If you’ve ever watched kids play in Bouncy Domes, you already know just how beloved these inflatable play places really are!

If you’re interested in hiring a Bouncy Dome within Liverpool or the wider Merseyside region, you should know that we offer the best styles for truly attractive hire rates!

As well, we top up our wide selection and great prices with exceptional customer service.

This is why we encourage you to place your trust in us today!

When you do, you’ll receive a clean, safe and well-maintained bouncy dome which thrills your small guests. As well, we’ll be able to handle delivery and takeaway.

Our prompt and professional team will ensure that nothing is left to chance, with a mind to making your special event, such as a birthday party, school social or community festival, a rousing success!

You’ll Love Our Bouncy Dome Styles

We offer Bouncy Domes which feature some of the most exciting motifs and themes.

For example, we provide a Dora the Explorer bouncy dome, as well as a One Direction style!

We know what kids want to play in and we’ve tailored our collection of Bouncy Domes to their passions and interests!

In addition to Dora the Explorer and One Direction products, we offer Bouncy Domes with Peppa Pig, Thomas the Tank Engine, J.L.S. and Avengers themes, plus many more!

Since our Bouncy Domes rentals are so competitively-priced, we know that you’ll appreciate what our company has to offer!

We are committed to pleasing children by providing the latest Bouncy Dome styles.

Our Bouncy Domes inspire children and spark their imagination!

These inflatable play places also help them to burn off energy and improve or maintain their physical fitness.

Hiring one or more of our Bouncy Domes is so simple and straightforward!

Simply call us direct or complete our simple contact form to place your order.

Our staff members have tons of experience and knowledge and they are standing by in order to take care of your needs. They will also be happy to offer guidance on what to choose, in case you’re not quite sure.

Bouncy Domes Make Events Fun For Kids

Children deserve to have a great time at special events!

This means providing entertainment options which are totally age-appropriate.

Bouncy Domes are fine choices for this purpose and this is why we encourage you to hire one or more of our bouncy domes today!

In the end, it’s just about caring about children and wanting them to have the best time possible.

A Bouncy Dome is a simple design which is ideal for physical and spirited play.

Bouncy Domes bring kids together and allow them to enjoy camaraderie in a safe setting.

If you love to see kids moving, rather than using smart phones or just sitting around, feeling bored and uninspired, you’ll benefit from hiring one of our Bouncy Domes today.

You’ll also be benefiting the health and well-being of the kids who will attend your special event.

It's is also worth keeping in mind that we have been in business over 20 years and as well as being a member of the BIHA (British Inflatable Hire Association), we also have 5 million pound public liability insurance for extra peace of mind!

So, now that you know more about our company and products, why not contact us today?

We look forward to hearing from you!