Avengers Bouncy Dome

Avengers Bouncy Dome


Product Sizes & Prices

One Size – (14ft x 16ft) - £75

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If you’re interested in making a kid’s birthday party exceptional, you’ll enjoy learning about our exciting and fun Avengers Bouncy Dome!

This inflatable place play is decorated with characters from the Avengers film and it’s a great place for kids to blow off steam.

All that they’ll need to do is take off their shoes and then bounce to their heart’s content.

As long as an adult is there to supervise, you’ll find that our play place is a safe and healthy environment for little ones.

Naturally, it’s a perfect choice for a children’s birthday party or community festival and the cost of hire is really very affordable.

Now, let’s talk about what this design has to offer and exactly why so many kids love the Avengers!

Why Hire A Bouncy Dome?

Bouncy Domes are lot like typical bouncy castles, however, they have dome-shaped tops, so they look a bit different.

The dome gives the interior a lighter, airier feel and kids love the spacious interiors of these play places.

As with bouncy castles, kids may enter Bouncy Domes and then enjoy bouncing and indulging in lots of creative play.

Since kids don’t often get the exercise that they need in order to stay healthy, promoting physical activity by hiring this design for a special event will be a smart decision.

It’s the perfect outlet for energy!

Why Kids Love The Avengers

The Avengers film came out in 2012 and it was a huge hit.

Known for its famous superhero characters, such as Thor, Iron Man and the Scarlet Witch, this film is based on comics and it is filled with action and excitement.

Since it’s so popular, choosing a Bouncy Dome with The Avengers motifs will ensure that kids are able to play in a truly inspiring environment.

Now that you know more about Bouncy Dome, why not call us and hire it for your next birthday party or other type of special event?

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