Dora Explorer Bouncy Dome

Dora Explorer Bouncy Dome


Product Sizes & Prices

One Size – (14ft x 16ft) - £75

Hire This Dora The Explorer Bouncy Dome Today

If you want to make a special child’s birthday party memorable for him or her, we recommend that you hire our Dora The Explorer Bouncy Dome today.

This design is loaded with fun features which make it a great place for kids to spend time during any type of special event.

Also, it’s not expensive to hire as our prices are really reasonable!

Any child who loves Dora the Explorer will really appreciate this fun inflatable play place, which is decorated with Dora the Explorer characters and motifs.

Why Hire A Bouncy Dome?

Kids need something to do at birthday parties and other special events.

While there are usually treats on hand, parents (or other types of event organisers) sometimes don’t provide enough activities and, occasionally, kids get bored.

Kids need to blow off steam, especially when they are in a group, egging each other on.

Giving them a nice, safe place to play is the best thing that you can do for them and they’ll be really grateful when they see our Dora The Explorer Bouncy Dome at your party!

Bouncing in this type of play place will make the whole event seem more special.

Plus, you’ll provide kids with a way to get the healthy exercise that they need in order to feel good and enjoy stable mood.

Why Children Love Dora The Explorer

Dora the Explorer is the cartoon star of her own TV show, which is beloved by millions of children all over the world.

Dora is famous for her purple backpack, which she takes on all of her adventures, as well as her monkey sidekick.

This show is for younger children and it’s very educational.

This is why parents love it too!

If your child is a fan of Dora and her friends, hiring this Bouncy Dome for your son or daughter will be a great way to put a huge smile on their faces!

To hire this affordable design today, please contact us.

We’re standing by to help.

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