Peppa Pig Bouncy Dome

Peppa Pig Bouncy Dome


Product Sizes & Prices

One Size – (14ft x 16ft) - £75

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If your child is fond of Peppa Pig, you should know that hiring our Peppa Pig Bouncy Dome will be a perfect way to ensure that his or her birthday party is amazing.

We are proud of this fun design, which is just so popular with little ones and we keep it in peak condition, so that it’s clean, safe and well-maintained at all times.

When you hire our affordable Bouncy Dome today, any type of special event will become more special.

Bouncy Domes are much like typical bouncy castles except the key difference is that they have dome-shaped tops.

They have a look which is a bit more modern and they provide quite a bit of space for kids to frolic in.

All children will need to do is take off their footwear in order to enjoy all that our Bouncy Dome has to offer.

Once they’ve tried it, you’ll probably have a hard time getting them to leave.

An adult should always watch over the kids while they play, however, this is a very safe inflatable play place and it’s definitely a wonderful play for children to jump, bounce and pretend.

Who is Peppa Pig?

As you probably already know, Peppa Pig is a famous cartoon character and she’s the star of her own animated TV series.

This series launched way back in 2004 and it is now shown in one hundred and eighty countries around the world.

Peppa Pig is charming and kids love to watch her as she has her adventures.

This cute pig and her relatives and friends promote the right family values, while also educating little ones. So, they are definitely a good influence on kids!

Now that you know more about our Bouncy Dome and Peppa Pig, you’ll be ready to hire our inflatable play place for your next special event.

To do so, simply call us up today.

We’ll take care of things and help you to complete your party planning!

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