Thomas Tank Engine Bouncy Dome

Thomas Tank Engine Bouncy Dome


Product Sizes & Prices

One Size – (14ft x 16ft) - £75

Hire This Thomas Tank Engine Bouncy Dome Today

If your little one loves Thomas The Tank Engine, you should know that hiring our attractive and functional Thomas The Tank Engine Bouncy Dome will be the key to making your child ecstatic on his or her birthday.

In fact, this design is really perfect for any sort of special occasion which involves young children, from a school social to a wedding reception to a community festival and beyond.

This Bouncy Dome is one of our most popular designs because it’s decorated with a fun and cheery Thomas The Tank Engine motif.

We’re proud to offer this design for a reasonable hire rate.

Why Hire A Bouncy Dome?

A Bouncy Dome is much like a bouncy castle, this key difference being is that it has a dome-shaped roof.

The whole castle is soft and inflatable and this means that children may enjoy bouncing, jumping and pretending while they’re inside.

The whole structure is gentle on their bodies and hiring this Bouncy Dome will allow children to get healthy exercise and blow off steam at your special event.

Once you’ve seen how happy kids are while they play in this Bouncy Dome, you’ll realise why we have so many happy customers!

Who Is Thomas The Tank Engine?

Thomas The Tank Engine is an adorable and hard-working tank engine.

He tries to be good and does a lot of tasks at the rail-yard, along with his other train friends.

He’s such a famous character because he’s sweet and good-hearted.

He faces challenges with a lot of bravery and never gives up.

For this reason, he is a good role model for little ones.

The way that he looks also captures their imaginations!

If you’d like to hire our Bouncy Dome, we encourage you to contact us today.

We’ll help you to get your party planning going!

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