Dundee Tesco Group Bounces For A New Record

Recently, a group of fit and motivated Tesco workers in their 20s, 30s, and 40s decided to fundraise for the Diabetes UK charity, by spending a full fifty hours (plus eleven minutes and twelve seconds!) bouncing!

The performed this interesting feat inside of a soft and buoyant bouncy castle!

In total, the team bounced two hundred and forty thousand times and each group member is now suffering from a bit of soreness.

The event was organised by Tesco worker Kevin Kelly, who kept his team in high spirits throughout.

This lighthearted fundraiser took place the day before a Bank Holiday, so everyone had a chance to rest the day afterward.

It was very warm during the bouncy castle challenge and the group of eight Dundee Tesco workers had to keep going despite the heat.

One team member suffered an injury in the knee area and he left the challenge a little earlier than anticipated.

As well, during the night, the power went off for a bit. Despite these setbacks, the team still set a world record, via the Guinness Book of World Records.

In order to qualify for the record, each member of the team needed to bounce for stints which lasted at least twenty minutes – many employees toughed it out and bounced for forty-five minutes per stint.

The Guinness Book of World Records does allow participants to take five-minutes breaks once every sixty minutes.

Some people chose not to rest, so they had minutes accrued when the generator which powered the bouncy castle went on the blink.

This means that the world record could still be earned, despite the technical problem.

The record was achieved early in the morning, on Sunday, and the team was flooded with adrenaline as each member celebrated the new world record.

The team was out to break an existing world record from a Warwick-based bouncing team!

To date, this charitable initiative has garnered fourteen hundred pounds in donations and more keep pouring in!

From a Liverpool Bouncy Castle hire company, we think this is an excellent way to raise money for an amazing cause!

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