Terms & Conditions

Bouncy Castles Liverpool is insured for Public Liability risks in the event of damage caused to Hirers, their Guests, or their Property, whilst using the Equipment, if the Operation and Safety guidance and recommendations which are set out on bouncycastlesliverpool.com are adhered to.

Our Bouncy Castles should be operated to the standards set out by the Health and Safety Executive [Guidance on Safety and Practice in Fairgrounds and Amusement Parks - PM76] and the Local Authority.

These standards form the basis of these conditions of hire.

You must act responsibly at all times to operate the castle SAFELY and so avoid injury to anyone using the castle and to avoid damage to the bouncy castle.

Any Person or Organisation which hires ANY of or products is responsible for the Safety of the Persons using the Equipment, and those in the vicinity of the Equipment, and for the Protection of the Equipment, whilst on their Property.

Hirers are liable for repair or replacement costs for any damage done to the Equipment as a result of misuse or reckless activity.

Persons using the inflatable do so at their own risk.

Some of the castles have an Age Limit of 14 years. Please ensure that no one over this age uses the inflatable if applicable.

No food or drinks to be consumed whilst on or in the immediate vicinity of the inflatable.

No face paints, party poppers, coloured streamers or silly string to be used on or in the immediate vicinity of the inflatable.

No smoking, fires or barbeques to be used near the inflatable.

No pets to be allowed on the inflatable.

All shoes, badges, belts and jewellery must be removed. We also recommend spectacles be removed. Please check for other sharp items which may cause damage to the inflatable.

Under No Circumstances are Children to be allowed to operate the Electrical Apparatus.

Do not allow anyone on the inflatable whilst inflating/deflating.

A responsible adult must supervise children at all times whilst on or in the vicinity of the inflatable.

Children should not be allowed to climb, sit or hang on the inflatable walls.

Children should not be allowed to bounce on the front safety step. The safety step is to assist users in getting on or off safely.

Ensure the inflatable is not overcrowded. Limit the number of users to allow enough room for each person to play safely.

Try to avoid small and large children using the inflatable at the same time.
It is advisable to ensure that no one with any history of back, neck or other physical health problems uses the Inflatable.

In the event of heavy rain it is strongly recommended that the inflatable is switched off for safety reasons. When safe to re-use switch back on and towel dry any remaining wet areas before allowing children back on.

Do not spray water near the Electrical Equipment.

Occasionally check that the inflatable is still securely pegged down.

Never switch the Blower on and off whilst the inflatable is in use.
If the inflatable fails for whatever reason, evacuate immediately to prevent injury.

Never drag the castle - always lift it [have a sufficient number of persons for lifting]

Locate the castle away from any potential risk to children bouncing off it -[fences, railings, thorny bushes etc.]

Inflate the castle on a level surface that is clear of sharp objects. Secure using attached ties and metal pegs. Use attached belt to attach blower to castle.

Prevent the blower, cable and plugs from getting wet.

Do not allow children with medical conditions that place them at risk of injury to use the castle. [e.g. - Brittle Bone Disease or temporary injuries etc.]

You must have First Aid Facilities on site.

A responsible adult must stand either side of the front of the castle and supervise play at all times. Deflate the castle when not supervised or in use.

Shoes must be removed before entering the castle.

Do NOT allow children to climb the walls of the castle.

Do NOT allow toys to be carried onto the castle - they could cause injury if fallen on or puncture the castle.

Limit the number of children on the castle at any on time to a safe level.
It is ESSENTIAL that the castle is closely supervised at all times to prevent boisterous behaviour or overcrowding

Do not permit any acrobatics or somersaults as this may result in injury to themselves or other users.

Hire is on a daily basis. Delivery and collection will be arranged at time of booking.

The castle for collection should be clean and dry. Please advise of any leaks, damage etc.

Patrons use this equipment at their OWN RISK.

The hirer agrees that if there is any damage to, or loss of the bouncy castle and accompanying equipment, they will be responsible for repair / replacement of the said bouncy castle and equipment