School Event Hire Liverpool


Here at Bouncy Castles Liverpool, we specialise in school events.


If you’re planning a special event at a school and you want to ensure that young students are able to enjoy themselves in safe surroundings, you’ll benefit from learning about bouncy castles.


These days, it’s possible to hire safe and exceptional bouncy castles which are so much fun for kids to play in…and so great to look at!


Bouncy castle hire isn't that expensive and you’ll be amazed at how much excitement a bouncy castle adds to your event!


Since bouncy castles allow kids to expend physical energy and “blow off steam”, they are great choices for school events.


Without a bouncy castle, a large group of kids might become a little edgy and misbehave but giving them access to a bouncy castle will allow them to use up their excess energy in healthier ways!


For this reason alone, many school head teachers, administrators or school event planners rely on bouncy castle hire services in order to make their events peaceful, happy and successful.


Consider all of the variables


Hopefully, what has been written above has convinced you to hire a bouncy castle for your next school event.


If you’re still on the fence, discovering the variables to think about before you hire may help you to make a final decision about whether or not hiring a bouncy castle for your next event is a good idea.


First off, you’ll need to consider the size and scale of your event.


Will it be for the whole school or for a select number of students, such as a class or an extracurricular group?


What ages of kids will be present?


Knowing your numbers and age groups will help you to find the most appropriate bouncy castle for your needs.


Bouncy castles come in all sizes and it’s possible to hire something that is just right.


If you need help picking out an ideal bouncy castle, dont hesitate to contact us as we will be standing by in order to give you welcome direction!


Next, consider the way that you want a bouncy castle to look.


Bouncy castles come in soothing pastels, such as pink or grey, or bright, Crayola-type colours, so there is plenty of choice to suit all needs.


You may even be able to find something that matches your school colors!


In addition, there may be bouncy castles which suit certain themes, such as Halloween or the favourite cartoon character of the day.


Checking out our range of bouncy castles will assist you in finding what’s most appealing from an aesthetic standpoint.


Lastly, you’ll need to consider your budget.


Smaller bouncy castles are usually cheaper to hire, although all bouncy castles are quite affordable.


These variables pretty much cover all of the bases.


If you choose to hire a bouncy castle from Bouncy Castles Liverpool, we will take care of delivering your bouncy castle and getting it set up, so you won’t need to worry about installation.


Our goal is to provide customers with exceptional customer service during every single transaction, in particular, helping school administrators and/or volunteers to please students by supplying them with safe, soft and roomy bouncy castles.


Getting the best bouncy castle deal


Ensure that your special event goes off without a hitch by renting a bouncy castle well in advance of your school event.


It is possible to access last-minute rentals, however, booking early will boost your chances of reserving the perfect bouncy castle for your needs.


Now that you know more about the value of bouncy castle hire, you’ll be ready to decide whether or not a bouncy castle is what your event needs.


If you want the kids to have access to a truly wholesome activity which allows them to play together in harmony, you’ll love what these inflatable “houses” have to offer!


While you’ll definitely need to supervise little ones while they are in the bouncy castle, you’ll find that this is a pretty simple task.


If you are still unsure of hiring a bouncy castle, keep in mind that bouncy castles bring out the best in kids, by allowing them to jump, run and roll in a safe and soft environment that is easy on their growing bodies.


If you would like to hire a bouncy castle, simply click on the 'make an enquiry' button on the bouncy castle page of your choice, or alternatively, call us direct on 07957 608 216 and we will take of everything for you!