How To Safely Enjoy Bouncy Castles

Here at Bouncy Castles Liverpool, we want to ensure that you have the best experience when hiring one of our castles.

It is common knowledge that if used in-properly bouncy castles can be quite dangerous.

The main cause of injuries on bouncy castles is people not adhering to rules basic safety guidelines.

All our bouncy castles for hire come with sidewalls and protective mats to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Below we have listed some of our safety rules so that you can enjoy your bouncy castle experience without any injuries:

  • Do not exceed the number of recommended occupants on the bouncy castle
  • Anyone with a history of back or neck injuries should not be permitted to use the bouncy castle
  • Make sure the bouncy castle is securely fitted before using
  • Place the inflator in a place where it will not get unplugged accidentally
  • Ensure all wires are covered with wire mats to prevent tripping
  • Ensure there is an adult to supervise at all times
  • Do not wrestle, play fight or climb on the bouncy castle walls
  • Make sure no additional objects are taken on to the castle at any point
  • Ensure all additional items of clothing are removed prior to getting on the castle (shoes, watches, jewellery etc)
  • Do not let adults and children bounce on the castle together.

If you follow these safety rules you can ensure that you will have an enjoyable experience with our castles.

To book castles for your special occasion have a browse through all of our castles and contact us on any of the contact numbers above or complete our simple and easy booking enquiry located on all our pages.