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Gladiator Joust


Are you looking to add some fun yet competitive games to your next event, or perhaps a Birthday party? Our inflatable Gladiator Duel is definitely worth a look and is sure to be a huge success with guests of all ages!

Gladiator Duel consists of a large inflatable bed with two small podiums rising up from the middle. Players stand (or sit, if they prefer) on a podium each armed with a feudel and with a soft helmet for protection. The aim? Well it's quite simply really, the first one to knock his or her opponent off their podium is the winner.

While each individual game could last just moments, you can stretch the fun out over a longer party of event by having a best of 3, 5 or 10, or perhaps a time trial to see how many times an opponent can be knocked off their podium in an allotted time.

The possibilities are endless, and everyone will want a go!

This looks familiar!

If you think the Gladiator Duel looks a little familiar, we will take a guess that you were a fan of the iconic 1990s game show, Gladiators?

While Saturday evenings have never been the same since the show finished, you can recreate it in your back garden (or other venue) today with this physical, fun and amusing game of balance!

If you are interested in extending the theme a little further, you may also want to consider our Pillow Bash product. We don't mind if you wish to don fancy dress and duel away dressed as your favourite 90's, lycra-clad TV heroes.

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