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Lego Bouncy Slide


Product Sizes & Prices

One Size – (12ft x 16ft) - £70

Hire This Lego Bouncy Slide Today

If you’re interested in making a kid’s birthday party or other kid-friendly event a rousing success, we encourage you to hire our Lego Bouncy Slide today.

This amazing design is colourful, fun and decorated with Lego people!

Your child may love The Lego Movie or simple enjoy making things out of Lego at home.

If so, this Bouncy Slide, which matches our Lego bouncy castle, will really make him or her happy!

We bolt the slide right onto the bouncy castle, so that it’s nice and secure.

Kids may then enter the bouncy castle, play around and then exit by sliding down our inflatable Bouncy Slide.

The key benefit of hire this exciting inflatable play equipment is that kids love it!

They love bouncy castles to begin with and having a slide which is attached right to the castle gives them even more playtime options!

Once you’ve discovered just how much kids love playing on our Lego Bouncy Slide, you may decide to hire it year after year, at least until the kids are too old for it.

Why Do Kids Love Lego?  

Kids love Lego because it’s such a creative toy.

They can make almost anything out of these famous blocks and Lego has really evolved over the decades.

These days, it’s possible to make people as well as things and there are tons of new play sets on the market.

Lego is a wonderful toy for kids because it teaches them how to follow instructions or think independently.

It’s creative and assists them with developing a host of skills.

Hire Our Lego Bouncy Slide Today

If you’re interested in hiring this popular design, just call us up and we’ll reserve it for your special event.

There’s no time like the present to get your party planning organised, so why not call us today?

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