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Wreck It Ralph Bouncy Castle


Product Sizes & Prices

Small – (10ft x 12ft) - £50
Medium – (12ft x 14ft) - £55
Large – (15ft x 15ft) - £60


If you know a young child who’s fond of the Wreck-it Ralph film, which features some exciting and attractive 3D computer animation, you’ll enjoy learning about our Wreck-it Ralph Bouncy Castle.

This popular design is cheery, colourful and features characters from the film, along with a bold, Wreck-it Ralph logo.

Plus, it offers plenty of room for kids to play in.

Our clean and well-maintained Bouncy Castle is a great choice for birthday parties and other types of special events and the cost of hiring it is definitely reasonable.

When you do choose to hire our Bouncy Castle, kids will have a wonderful place to blow off steam during the party or festival.

It’s a place that they can call their own, as grown-ups typically don’t go in, however, an adult should be on hand to supervise.

All kids will need to do is take off their trainers in order to frolic, bounce and indulge in some spirited and creative play.

Since kids these days don’t always get the exercise that they need, thanks to our Internet and computer game culture, this Bouncy Castle is a great way to promote physical fitness!

Discover Wreck-it Ralph

This film features some famous voices, such as that of comedienne, Sarah Silverman, and it tells the tale of Wreck-it Ralph, who is an arcade game “bad guy”.

He tires of his role as computer game villain and wants to be a hero instead.

This imaginative and inventive film is great fun to watch and also has a positive message.

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We’ll provide you with the highest standard of customer service.

Our goal is to help you plan a happy and memorable birthday party or other type of get-together.

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