Inflatable Assault Course Hire Liverpool

Kids need to burn off physical energy on a regular basis!

In today’s “smart phone” culture, the value of physical activity has shot even higher!

In order to help kids move around and have fun at special events, we are proud to offer three exciting Bouncy Assault Courses. Each one may be rented for your special event.

If you want to, you’re free to hire more than one Assault Course. We will tailor our hire services to the size and scale of your event. We offer small, large and “mega” Assault Courses and these bouncy designs are safe, clean and well-maintained.

You’ll love watching your young guests work their way through these fun Assault Courses. They are designed to please kids and to inspire them!

In fact, hiring a Bouncy Assault Course will be the key to ensuring that your birthday party, school social or community event is a winner with young attendees!

At some special events, kids just don’t have enough to do!

They get bored and restless and they don’t have as much fun as they could have. When event organisers hire Bouncy Assault Courses, they are making smart decisions.

Kids who are able to use these fun inflatables have plenty to do and they are able to use their minds and bodies in order to complete Assault Courses. These designs are just challenging enough to inspire kids, without being too difficult to use and enjoy!

This is why we recommend them to anyone who wants to safeguard the success of an upcoming special event.

Why Choose Our Company?

We offer Bouncy Assault Course hire in Liverpool and the wider Merseyside region.

We have over two decades of experience and our team of staff members are caring, professional and committed to providing safe Assault Courses for affordable hire rates.

As well, our team members are delighted to offer guidance and support to customers. We care about kids and this is why we go the extra mile!

We take excellent care of our Assault Courses, with a mind to promoting safety and enjoyment. As well, we are very trustworthy in terms of providing prompt delivery and takeaway.

We know that our valued clients deserve prompt and dependable service. We want their special events to go off without a hitch!

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Kids need to use their bodies in order to feel good and enjoy themselves. If you’re planning a special event which includes children, you’ll find that our Bouncy Assault Courses provide the perfect platform for inspiring physical play.

Always ensure that an adult is there to supervise.

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When you call us up or complete our simple contact form, we’ll help you to get your special event planned. Once you’ve chosen and booked one or more of our designs, you’ll be able to sit back and relax!

You’ll be secure in the knowledge that you’ve done all that you can to please the kids who are coming to your event. It's is also worth keeping in mind that we have been in business over 20 years and as well as being a member of the BIHA (British Inflatable Hire Association), we also have 5 million pound public liability insurance for extra peace of mind!

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